UV Moth Trap, Weather Resistant

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The MOTH +Phototactic Trap is a  Weather Resistant UV Moth Trap that uses harmless UVA light, to lure insects into a collection chamber for removal from structures or scientific study. Simple and effective using no fans or smelly baits – just silent effective collection capitalizing on the moths natural phototaxis (attraction to sources of light).  The MOTH +Phototactic Trap is highly effective at capturing moths for entomological study or for luring nuisance pests away from living areas.  Also available in indoor specific versions or as an affordable BYOB (bring your own buckt) kit.

Made in Calhan, CO – USA
Item Number: UVTRAP-3.5/WR

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How it works: The MOTH +Phototactic Trap (an effective miller moth trap) is ‘baited’ with a light source that is tuned to be particularly attractive to certain species of moths.  Flight interruption fins surround the light,  insects will be draw in and will circle the light, they eventually impact the structure.  The impact disorients the insects, dropping them through a collection funnel and into the chamber below.  Within the collection chamber the insects quickly seek refuge among a habitat structure (recycled egg cartons work great!).   Collected insects can then be observed alive, or various killing methods can be employed, depending on the users needs.

Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor use: The MOTH +Phototactic Trap is made from high impact HDPE and PET-G plastics and features stainless steel hardware and a weather rated IP44 lamp socket.  The trap is baited with a bright UVA emitting LED lamp (60W equivalent) that runs cool using only 5W of power.  The low power usage makes it particularly easy to power using widely available and affordable portable inverters.  Requires 110-120VAC power source.

Also available in indoor specific versions or as an affordable BYOB (bring your own buckt) kit.

Product Features

  • Safe and effective collection of light attracted insects for study or removal from structures.
  • Efficient LED UVA lamp (60W equivalent)
  • IP44 rated weather resistant lamp socket
  • Collection Bucket with Lid
  • Collection Funnel with integrated flight interruption fins
  • Made in Calhan, CO USA  – supports a local farm and business!


  • 110-120VAC electrical source
  • 3-4 recycled egg cartons, collection “habitat”.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Unpack and inspect the contents of your MOTH +Phototactic Trap
  2. Install the provided UVA lamp into the weather rated socket.
  3. Gently press-fit the flight interruption fins within the slots around the lamp.
  4. Gather up 3-4 recycled egg cartons (not supplied), cut the top of the carton off and discard.  Cut the egg crate portions of the carton in half and stack these randomly (but so they do not nest within each other) in the bottom of the collection chamber.
  5. Set the completed lid assembly with funnel, lamp and fins on top of the chamber.  Note: While the lid is capable of snapping securely to the chamber, once installed it can be difficult to remove. It is not necessary to snap the lid onto the top of the chamber, allowing it to simply rest on top of the chamber is just fine.
  6. The trap is most effective when placed on the ground, but if used around livestock it will be necessary to hang it in an area protected from curious animals.
  7. Plug in the trap and let it do its work.  Collection will be the most active between dusk and dawn.
  8. Traps should be inspected or emptied in the morning.  Unplug your trap from power before doing any inspections.  Moths will be found in and amongst the folds of the egg crate collection ‘habitat’ within the collection chamber.

Collection Advice

Place the trap in an area where collection is desired and moths are believed to be present.  The trap functions best when it is the sole source of light in the area, turn off competing sources of light both outdoors and within structures.  If additional lighting is required in the area, use amber colored “bug lamps” as these are less competitive with the blue light source of the trap.

By design the MOTH +Phototactic UVA  Moth Trap is a no-kill moth trap.  This means that collected insects can be observed alive after collection.  As many moths are great pollinators and a food source for birds, bears, etc. a compelling argument can be made for using no-kill methods of collection and release.

For no-kill removal of nuisance moths, place a trap well away from entrances to structures, to lure the moths to take up residence in your trap, rather than inside your home.  The moths will be free to come and go, from the trap without intervention.  When collecting nuisance moths indoors, unplug and gently remove the trap to an outdoor area before removing the top for inspection or release.

Kill methods.  As compelling as some no-kill arguments are, there are times when both entomologists and homeowners alike, may wish to employ a kill method.  On our farm, we simply remove the traps to our chicken run, releasing the live moths to the chickens where some escape, but the majority are quickly dispatched by the birds.   But there are other ways to dispatch the moths.

Ammonium Carbonate as a killing agent.  Ammonium Carbonate is readily available from online and local sources.  It is used in baking as leavening or as smelling salts.  Placing dry ammonium carbonate in a shallow dish within the trap has been found to be an effective kill agent.

Ethyl Acetate is another common killing agent, ethyl acetate is found in non-acetone varieties of nail polish remover.  The liquid can be placed in small glass or metal canister with a large cotton wick placed in the liquid.  The wick should extend above the canister.  The fumes released have been found effective at killing the trapped insects.


Cautions: UVA light is considered harmless to humans and the UVA emitted from the included lamp, is far less powerful than that which you are exposed to on a sunny day.  Still, it is never a good idea to stare directly at the UVA light as discomfort and temporary spotting of your vision may result.  This product is not intended for use by children ages 12 or younger.  Always unplug the product from the power source prior to doing any manipulation or inspection of the trap.

Oh… and God help you if you live in California, as this trap, like the moths you are attempting to collect, are likely loaded with all sorts of un-natural cancer causing agents – I really don’t know how anyone lives a full and happy life in your state – good luck!

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  1. Jenny Bates

    OMG! Finally a trap that works!! It has totally cut down on the nuisance moth population in our barn. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!!!!

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